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The course will help you to pass the Life in the UK Test:


By concentrating on giving you all the key facts and dates you need to pass the test.


By  taking you through, and helping you understand, the official Life in the UK handbook.


By showing you a visual presentation with many pictures to help you understand and remember what you are learning.


By going through questions at the end of each of the sections of the book, and tests on the whole book.


By going through questions together that are very like the questions in the real test.




Together we go through the official handbook Life in the United Kingdom: A Guide for New Residents

The book is brought to life for you with an interesting visual presentation

Together we go through many questions on all sections of the book

Most students report back after their test that they could answer ALL 24 questions in the test


The Course

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A fast track training course for the Life in the UK Test.

Thank you very much, your teaching is very helpful.

Faisal passed the test with 24 out of 24


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Life in the UK courses

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The official book that the test questions are based on:

Life in the United Kingdom: a Guide for New Residents (3rd edition)

The course has an extremly high pass rate.